Sudden Custody

imageIn the middle of this past summer, my husband suddenly found himself with full custody of my stepson, which turned into PERMANENT full custody just over a week ago.

My world has been turned…maybe not upside-down, because I’ve been a stepmom for almost six years, but certainly a little topsy-turvy.  In an instant, there was another kid living full-time, not part-time, but FULL TIME in my house.  He has to be fed, go to school, bathe,   participate in activities, ride the bus, make friends, and a whole bunch of other things that until this summer were not things that I had to worry a whole lot about.  I absolutely adore him – he’s a great, smart, compassionate kid who can be a giant awesome goofball, and I love that he lives in my house now.  But I think it’s fair to say that the transition has been a little stressful.  For everybody.

So when this event happened, I did what came naturally to me – I turned to the wonderful, glorious Internet for advice, because there is absolutely no way in the world that I’m the only one experiencing this.

Trouble is, the Internet came up short.  The Internet failed me, for possibly the first time ever.  So I’ve started writing, in the hopes that the Internet will no longer fail stepmoms.  My wish is to see parents and stepparents coming together in order to provide better villages for our kids.



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